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Old Believers July 18 Hot 9 Piece Band!!


The Old Believers will be performing in Seldovia  on July 18 at  8 PM.  SBE School.

The Old Believers Resume

Band: Keeley Boyle (guitar, vocals), Nelson Kempf (guitar, vocals), Jordan Bagnall (vocals, accordion, violin), Dhani Rosa (vocals, tambourine), Danielle Sullivan (vocals), Thomas Himes (piano), Clayton Knapp (bass), Dan Galucki (drums), Morgan Herst (saxaphone)

Releases: Some Songs (2006), Eight Golden Greats (2008), Brave Records Split 7” (2009)

Honors and Recognitions:

–        Named one of Willamette Week’s Best 10 New Bands of 2009

–        Under The Radar Magazine’s top 50 albums of 2008

–        Featured on NPR’s Second Stage

What People Are Saying:

“Portland, Ore. duo the Old Believers yearn for the past with a soulful folk sound that is nostalgic, but inspired. Singer Neeley Kempf’s expressive, bluesy croon is a throwback to ages long ago; paired with the group’s alt-country stylings, the music he produces with bandmate Keeley Boyle is both vivid and compelling. While more progressive than bluegrass and Americana, the sound on the group’s second release, the eight-song EP Eight Golden Greats, definitely draws elements the roots music.” – NPR Second Stage

“For an outfit that garnered considerable attention for its stark, acoustic debut EP, these modern elements hit like a Pontiac GTO rolling across the horizon in a spaghetti western. The Old Believers refuse to be your old-timey bitches. That’s a good thing. While Eight Golden Greats is a transitional record, it’s remarkably free of growing pains. The songs are unapologetically romantic, but investigate romance with the same fearlessness that the Believers explore the studio. “Someday we’ll let out into the air and our sweet love will seep into the ground/ We’re just getting older, that’s all,” Boyle sings in front of a choir on “That’s All.” It should sound funny coming from a 20-year-old, but it just rings true.” – Casey Jarman, Music Editor, Willamette Week

“Eight Golden Greats has virtually no un-pleasantries. The album flows from one great tune to the next. “Granny’s Song” is without a doubt the album high point. But there are plenty of others than come close to peaking its pinnacle – “The Glories All Been Done”, “There It Is”, “No More”… you name it, it probably comes close. It definitely makes The Old Believers one of the best pop outfits in currently residing in the Pacific Northwest.” –

“Keeley Boyle and Nelson Kempf, Alaska natives now Portland-based and both just barely out of their teens, explore a variety of soundscapes on their latest release, Eight Golden Greats. They stretch their wings across long, winding vocal and instrumental plains, but always bringing it back home to a traditional, haunting Americana. On Greats, a Sufjan Stevens-esque sensibility pushes in and out of the spaces between harmonicas, voice-benders, twangy guitars, a wide selection of percussion and jubilant trumpets, all of which is grounded by both Kempf’s and Boyle’s whispery voices, which sound much older than the people to whom they belong.” – Amy Atkins, Arts and Entertainement Editor, Boise Weekly

The Old Believers Biography

The Old Believers have come a long way – literally. In 2006, Nelson Kempf and Keeley Boyle picked up their Kenai, Alaskan roots, slung them over their shoulder and headed southbound on the Alaskan Highway towards the contiguous United States. Specifically, Portland. Shortly after the arriving in Stumptown, the Portland music scene adopted The Old Believers into their family. Towheaded Boyle’s sultry soprano and baby-faced Kempf’s courageous tenor complement one another like PB and J, ice cream and sprinkles, peas and carrots – having one is just dandy, but putting them together makes the world seem right. After releasing their first EP, Some Songs By The Old Believers, Kempf and Boyle went on a full national tour to support the album, joined by drummer Dan Galucki, Andy Schaafsma, and Joshua Northcutt. In 2007 and 2008 the duo recorded their first full-length – Eight Golden Greats – at Type Foundry studios in Portland, OR under the direction of producer Jason Powers. 2008 was an incredible year for The Old Believers. Eight Golden Greats was named one of Under The Radar magazine’s Top 50 Albums of 2008, and soon thereafter The Old Believers were voted onto Willamette Week’s list of Top 10 New Bands of 2008 by Portland’s music community. Riding the success of Eight Golden Greats, The Old Believers expanded their band – adding Dhani Rosa(guitar), Danielle Sullivan (vocals), Clayton Knapp (bass), Thomas Himes (piano), Jordan Bagnall (violin, vocals), and Morgan Herst (saxaphone). In summer 2009 The Old Believers toured the western United States with their friends and labelmates Congratulations (Portland, OR) and The Red River (Long Beach, CA). Currently, The Old Believers are touring Europe and North America in support of Laura Veirs. The full-length follow-up to Eight Golden Greats is slated to be released in Fall 2010 on Brave Records.

Annual Meeting, Summer Season and More


July 1 begins a new year for the Seldovia Arts Council. The Seldovia Arts Council is proud to announce eleven  board members…

They are returning board members Susan Mumma,Darlene Crawford, Tania Spurkland, Tobben Surkland, Laurel Hilts, Betsy Scott, Greg Davis,  and new board members Suzie Stranik, Sadi Synn, Ruth Sensenig and Rebecca Lambourn.

This new slate of board members was chosen at the annual meeting held on July 23.

The board would like to thank outgoing board member Rob Rurka.

Also discussed at the meeting as the very successful Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival, and the upcoming events for this summer and beyond. Pictures from the festival are needed.  Susan Mumma, Darlene Crawford, Rebecca Lambourn, Deb Kitrell, and Esther Golton have posted pictures. on the Seldovia Arts Council’s FACEBOOK account.  Some of these can also be seen on the Festival’s website under archives of previous festivals..  A BIG THANK YOU is also given to everyone who participated in making this year’s festival and all of the other Seldovia Arts Council’s events successful and fun.

Upcoming Events:

July 4   Float for Parade:

July 18 Concert by the Old Believers

September 5  Acoustic Alaska Guitar Master’s Concert featuring: Steve Braughman, Doug Cox, Betty Soo

March…TBA Carrie Newcomer