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What a Great Festival!


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Seldovia Arts Council would like to thank all those who did such a great job on the Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival.  It was a great success, well attended and beautiful to listen to.
The spirit of the festival was best seen at the beginning and the end of the festival.  Each night the music was ushered in by Aliah Wheeler and Brian Slover on their Native American Flutes. The notes, so artfully made, soared around the room transforming it.  The evening performances were equally special. Our local group Billy Goat rounded out the Friday night performance with great harmonies.  Saturday night a rousing all-performer ending chorus of “Summertime” was returned by an equally enthusiastic return chorus by the audience, which many of the performers said sent chills up their spines.

Highlights of the festival for me included the sunny days making outdoor jamming fun,  the high quality workshops that were so well attended this year, and  the shows themselves. Funny, dramatic, beautiful, each of the acts were a special treat.

The Headliners:  James Lee Stanley and Cliff Eberhardt and

Dan Crary with Thunderation (Steve Spurgin and Marting Stevens)  were icing on the cake!

Many thanks to all of the performers, volunteers and sponsors and Seldovia and Homer businesses and private families that came to aide, providing housing, transportation, food and more for this event. .  Each of your efforts is greatly appreciated and needed.

Here are some thank yous that we at the Seldovia Arts Council received and appreciated.

Thank You

Susan Mumma and The Seldovia Arts Council, and thank you to all the wonderful musicians and friends who came. Your music is a gift for us. We watched your fingers fly across the strings, we listened to your cotton candy voices, we danced to your souls, and we were happy. Thanks for an experience of immeasurable value. We love you all. Rose, Sam, Zack.

Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival is a class act! Great musicians. Warm Seldovia hospitality. The snowy mountains, the clean fresh breeze. A spiritual presence. Meticulous sound crew. The last moment of music when the audience roared out Summertime gave us musicians on the stage a rare thrill. Love hugs and gratitude to all who made this magic event happen. Lindianne Sarno

Dear Susan and Seldovia Arts Council Folks,

This card is meant to represent pure joy- beautiful muisc, friendly and fun people, incredible weather and setting. THANK YOU for all you do to make the Seldovia Solstice Music Festival happen. We love coming–treasured memories.  Love, Dianne and Elliott Barske  

Such a grand time was had by all.

Thank YOU!!

Susan Mumma Director SSMF…and all of us at the SAC

And special thanks to our Sponsors

Auntie’s Whole Foods, Dawn Berg, Chris Berg, Boardwalk Hotel, Bridgekeeper’s Inn, Simone De Biblioteque, Eric Braendel, Sean Braendel, Rick Brooks, Tamara Blodgett, Lorinda Bridge, Phil Bridge, City of Seldovia, Jenny Chissus, Marina Chissus, Virginia Chissus,John Cook, Serena Coons, Crystal Collier, Courtney Collier, Kirby Corwin, Crabpot Grocery, Dan Crary, Darlene Crawford, Andy Criscuolo, John Dettrich, Andrea Dettrich, Kathleen George, Lewis Dickinson, Jackie Dickinson, Mary Anne Driscoll, Mike Driscoll, Cliff Eberhardt, Amy Gilson, Jannette Garrison, Doug Garrison, Grant Aviation, Karin Gustafson, Al Hand, Eileen Hand, Val Henning,  Zane Henning, Kari Hendrich, Pam Henry, Monty Hingley, Laurel Hilts,  Sunni Hilts, Hopkins Brothers Construction, Robin Hopper, Homer News, Homer Tribune, Hurricane Dave, Inn at Harbor’s Edge, Integrity Survey, Inc.  Esther Int-Hout, KBBI Radio, Peggy Keesecker, Tom Keesecker, Angela Kositz, Rebecca Lambourn, Lyn Lemon, Chris Lethin, Judith Lethin, Savannah Lethin, Tim Lethin, Donna Levesque,  Chris Lillo, Linwood Bar and Grill, Marsha Lind, Milo Matthews, Robert D. Maurer,  Margie McCord, Dan Mc Elrath, Veda Mc Elrath, Rosanna Mc Innes, Cindy McKenna, Bob Moser, Harmony Moser, Mary Montgomery, Susan Mumma, Sandy Murray, Lee Pekrul,  Rene Purpura, Tim Quinn, Rant and Raven Morris Dancers, Joanne Teague, Tide Pool Café, Olivia Turner, Serena Turner, June M. Uminski Trust, Vivian Rojas, Lindianne Sarno, Gary Sawdy,  Sea Parrot Inn,  Ruth Sensenig, Seldovia Chamber of Commerce,  Seldovia Gazette, Seldovia Seacatch, Seldovia Rowing Club Inn, Seldovia Village Tribe, Sunrise Sjoberg, Steve Spurgin, Tania Spurkland, Tobben Spurkland, Brian Slover, George Smallwood, Trina Smallwood, Jeff Snedgen, James Lee Stanley,  Martin Stevens, Jerry Stranik, Suzie Stranik,  Susan B. English School, Suzanne Summerville, Sadi Synn, Marcia Uminski, Mike Webber, Mary Ann Wilson , Aliah Wheeler, and Susan Zerwick.