The Inside Story of “Les Yeux Noirs” Visit to Seldovia Photos by Suzie Stranik and Jenny Chissus and story by Jenny Chissus
I’ve always been interested in being a part of our Arts Council but had hesitated to go and participate since I’m often so busy with other things. However, I went to a teleconference out of curiosity since they were planning this year’s schedule of events. We discussed an upcoming concert for the group “Les Yeux Noirs”! Well, being the French language enthusiast that I am, I got excited about the possibility of helping with the planning and the hosting of this event. To make a long story short, due to the fact that the majority of the Arts Council membership is out of town still, Darlene and I offered to manage the event. I had never helped out before, so I said to Darlene – “Well, I’ll help you – however I can.”
Darlene and I, with the gracious support of Suzie Stranik in planning the menu proceeded to secure the school for the event, purchase the specialty groceries – with additional help from Bob Thiede in Anchorage and Peggy Keesecker in Homer and line up the crew to help with set up – thanks Rob Rurka, Rod Hilts, Byron McCord and Laurel Hilts! Lets not forget Renee and Stacy at the school who helped by gathering chairs, decorations and whatever else we needed to pull together!
There is a lot of time required to make such an event come together! From creating posters and promoting the concert, planning the menu, lining up the technical aspects of the event, planning transportation to dealing with car rentals – the list goes on and on! I have a whole new appreciation for the Seldovia Arts Council.

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