Tickets to Seldovia Arts Council events can be purchased at the venue gate, which typically opens half an hour before performances. Sorry, but we’re not able to take credit cards at this time.

Unless otherwise noted in the event announcement, our usual concert ticket prices are:

$15 adult (members: $14)
$8 child, K-12 (members: $7)
$35 family: parents and children K-12 (members: $34)

Why do we charge for our tickets?

The Seldovia Arts Council is a non-profit organization that does its best to bring quality arts events to Seldovia, obviously a pretty remote location. Most of our events include housing and travel from Homer, and headliners are often brought in from long distances and under expensive contracts. For this, and because Seldovia is too small to cover all the costs of the events it produces, we have found it necessary for it to charge a nominal fee for our events. Your tickets for each event help not only with that specific workshop or concert but also help contribute to allowing us to sponsor the other activities that take place all year around. Please consider also becoming a sponsor for an event and becoming a member (pdf download) of the Seldovia Arts Council.