Alex Mabey to head up Concert for the Seldovia Arts Council’s Winter Series December 15.


Alex Mabey Concert This second concert in the Seldovia Arts Council’s Winter Series will be held at the Sea Otter Center  December 15.  It will be a Christmas -themed event with a Christmas food (dessert) potluck during the intermission. Bring some of your holiday favorites and wear some jingle bells.  Starts at 7 PM.

About Alex:

“Alex Mabey? More like Alex Absolutely!”…a quote she received from a judge while auditioning to sing the National Anthem at a baseball game when she was twelve. Alex was born and raised in the mountains of Washington State and has an indisputable sound and message which speaks to people in the way music should. “Not only does she have captivating melodies and lyrics but there is a message behind each song… touching the hearts of both young and old.”  She started writing songs on her guitar and piano at the age of thirteen, finding her inspiration anywhere from childhood memories of mud-pies and cooties to the smiles and tears which life has brought to her and to the people around her. Performing her songs for her friends and family around a campfire soon developed into a fan-base in her community. She then formed a band in 2007 and since then has created 2 full CDs and a demo of original songs. She has performed at many events in the Northwest. She recently opened for Wynonna Judd and Craig Morgan and has also performed at numerous benefit concerts, showcases, county fairs, and of course sitting on the porch of the small town general store with her guitar case open and a sign saying “CASH for GAS!” The past year she lived in Nashville, TN where she pursued her country music career as a Singer/Songwriter and also attended Belmont University where she studied Music Business and Songwriting. She co-wrote, played many writer’s venues, and made connections with people who have helped her grow as an artist and songwriter.

Her dream to be on stage singing in front of thousands of people is for one purpose only and that is to touch the lives of people in any way she can. She says, “God is the one who gives me my songs. I’m just the girl lucky enough to sing them!”  She continues, “I want to sing my songs to people who want to hear them whether it’s to an arena full of people holding up their cell phones or just to the people who walk by me as I’m playing on the sidewalk. God is taking me on a journey and I don’t know where it will all end or how I will get there. All I know is when I am singing my songs I am happy… and if that makes other people happy I’ve done my job.”  She wants to write your favorite song to rock out to with your friends, the song you play when you’re driving away from home to start your life, the song that you cry to when you’ve just had your heart broken… songs that you listen to and say, “That’s so ME.” She writes music for YOU. So sit back, listen, and enjoy!road675

ALASKA Oceans Film Festival 2012 October 19th


Alaska Ocean Film Festival 2012

Elude sea monsters in Holland, track exotic oceanic species, canoe from Valdez to Whittier and garden on the ocean floor at this year’s Alaska Ocean Film Festival.
Friday, October 19th
Screening at 7pm
SBE School Commons
Admission: $5 adults; children are free (through 12th grade)
The Alaska Ocean Film Festival features ten short films on saltwater adventure, coastal cultures, and marine science from Alaska and around the world. The films explore our connection with the ocean and connect us to a larger, saltier world. They are brought to you by the Alaska Center for the Environment and the Seldovia Arts Council. Join us to reflect on the importance of the oceans’ vital ecosystems.
Celebrate our ocean bounty with:
Aleutian Aquatics, Sean Harper
Team Clark Goes Canoeing: Valdez to Whittier, Dan Clark
Into the Deep with Elephant Seals, Sedva Eris
Capture: A Waves Documentary, Dave Aabo
Landscapes at the World’s Ends: Antarctica, Richard Sidey
Birdathlon, Rachel Lewis and Karen Lewis
The Coral Gardener, Emma Robens
Eating the Ocean, Jennifer Galvin
The Majestic Plastic Bag, Jeremy Irons
Monsterboards, Matthew McGregor-Mento

Ocean’s Film Festival Poster (1)


OCTOBER 4 The Seldovia Arts Council’ s season finale, PATRICK BALL AND “THE LEGENDS OF THE CELTIC HARP” will be true magic!!!


“LEGENDS OF THE CELTIC HARP” is a musical journey into the heart of a legendary instrument. Three of the premier celtic harpers in the world, Patrick Ball, Lisa Lynne Franco, and Aryeh Frankfurter, have created a dramatic ensemble that takes you deep into the myths, magic and fabled history of this most captivating instrument.Patrick Ball is one of the premier Celtic harp players in the world and a captivating spoken word artist. He has recorded nine instrumental and three spoken word albums which have sold well over one-half million copies internationally and won national awards in both the music and spoken word categories.

Along with Celtic Harp and Story, his beguiling blend of music and spoken word concerts, Patrick has written and currently performs two acclaimed solo musical theater pieces: O’Carolan’s Farewell to Music,which brings to the stage the legendary life, the turbulent times and the glorious music of Ireland’s most celebrated and beloved musician, Turlough O’Carolan, and The Fine Beauty of the Island, a musical journey to Ireland’s legendary Blasket Islands in search of a deeply haunting tune and the vanished islanders who played it. Patrick also presents an ensemble performance, The Flame of Love, a spoken word and Early Music retelling of the greatest of medieval legends, The Romance of Tristan and Iseult.

Patrick Ball is “a rare artist.” For in playing the ancient, legendary brass-strung harp of Ireland with its crystalline, bell-like voice and performing marvelous tales of wit and enchantment, he not only brings new life to two cherished traditions, but blends them in concert to create “a richly theatrical and hauntingly beautiful performance.”

Patrick Ball

Lisa Lynne

Aryeh Frankfurter

A small sample of this wonderful sound

Thursday, October 4th at Susan B. English School

What a fantastic outreach to the students at Susan B. English School and then the most magical show.  More pictures to come, but thanks to all who helped make this such a special event. It was  indescribably beautiful!

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“The Cowboy Way” featuring Riders in the Sky comes to Seldovia September 26


Join us for a great show!  7:30 PM September 26  at Susan B. English Commons

Riders In The Sky are truly exceptional.

By definition, empirical data, and critical acclaim, they stand “hats & shoulders” above the rest of the purveyors of C & W – “Comedy & Western!”

For more than thirty years Riders In The Sky have been keepers of the flame passed on by the Sons of the Pioneers, Gene Autry and Roy Rogers, reviving and revitalizing the genre. And while remaining true to the integrity of Western music, they have themselves become modern-day icons by branding the genre with their own legendary wacky humor and way-out Western wit, and all along encouraging buckaroos and buckarettes to live life “The Cowboy Way!”

Riders In The Sky are exceptional not just in the sense that their music is of superlative standards (they are the ONLY exclusively Western artist to have won a Grammy, and Riders have won two), but by the fact that their accomplishments are an exception to the rule as well.

That Riders In The Sky was even formed is a feat of improbable likelihood. What are the odds that a theoretical plasma physicist, a wildlife manager – galvanizer – Life Scout, an English major – shot putter – Bluegrass Boy, and a Polka Hall of Fame member would collectively become “America’s Favorite Cowboys?” And even more unlikely is that 30-plus years later, the original members are still “bringing good beef to hungry people” while putting up Ripken-like numbers! The Rolling Stones only made it a few years before replacing Brian Jones; the Sons of the Pioneers constantly changed personnel; even the Ringo-era Beatles only lasted 8 years. (Perhaps Too Slim, as a sophomore writer for the University of Michigan Daily, had an ulterior motive in 1969 by propagating the rumor that Paul McCartney was dead! It’s true… go ahead and Google “Paul is dead rumor”…) But the key to keeping the same founding members intact for three decades on the road is more easily explained: “Separate hotel rooms,” cracks Ranger Doug!

Riders In The Sky’s first official public performance was Nov. 11, 1977, at the erstwhile Nashville nightspot “Phranks & Steins.” Taking the stage that night for a crowd of eight or nine (counting Herr Harry behind the bar) were Ranger Doug (Idol of American Youth) on arch-top guitar and baritone vocals, and Too Slim (A Man Aging Like Fine Cheese) on bunkhouse bass, face, and tenor vocals. A chain saw may have been in the mix somewhere that night, but was soon retired. Replacing the chain saw was Woody Paul (King of the Cowboy Fiddlers) on fiddle, tenor vocals and rope tricks, and the launch was successful! They subsequently added the “Stomach Steinway” stylings of Joey the Cowpolka King on accordion and baritone vocals, much to the delight of ‘Polkaholics’ everywhere.

As a classic cowboy quartet, the trail has led them to heights they could have never predicted. Riders have chalked up over 6100 concert appearances in all 50 states and 10 countries, appearing in venues everywhere from the Nashville National Guard Armory to Carnegie Hall, and from county fairs to the Hollywood Bowl.  Their cowboy charisma and comedic flair made them naturals for TV, and landed them their own weekly show on TNN, as well as a Saturday morning series on CBS. They have been guests on countless TV specials, documentaries and variety shows, appearing with everyone from Barney to Penn & Teller. And their animated likenesses have shared the screen with Daffy Duck on the Cartoon Network, and the Disney Channel’s Stanley. If you consider their compositional credits, one might call them “Writers In The Sky!” In addition to penning award winning songs for their own albums, they wrote the score for Pixar Animation’s 2002 Academy Award-winning short “For the Birds.” They composed the theme song for the internet cartoon show “Thomas Timberwolf” by renowned Bugs Bunny creator Chuck Jones. But the animated character that history will most certainly link to Riders In The Sky is the loveable cowboy Woody, as Riders performed “Woody’s Round Up” in “Toy Story 2,” with the album of the same name garnering Riders their first Grammy Award in 2001 for “Best Musical Album for Children.” Two years later, Riders roped their second Grammy in the same category, for “Monsters Inc. – Scream Factory Favorites,” the companion CD to Pixar’s award winning movie.

Equally as exceptional, but of greater significance, is that in 1982, Riders In The Sky became the first, and to date only, exclusively Western music artist to join the Grand Ol’ Opry, the longest running radio show in history, and thus began a love affair with radio as well. In 1988, they recorded comedy skits for the album “Riders Radio Theatre” and launched the long-running international weekly radio show of the same name on public radio. And keeping pace with the ever-changing technological landscape, in 2006 “Ranger Doug’s Classic Cowboy Corral” debuted on XM Satellite Radio, still heard weekly on SiriusXM Channel 56.

Exceptional artists also appeal to a diverse and broad-based cross section of their adoring public. Riders In The Sky’s music and comedy delights cowboys and cowgirls of all ages, and from all walks of life. Riders are equally at ease amusing a theatre full of children as they are enthralling a symphony audience accompanied by 50 or 60 classically trained instrumentalists, or even an NCO club full of servicemen during a USO Tour. Riders have performed at the White House for both Democratic and Republican administrations, and at Major League Baseball’s winter meetings for both American and National Leagues (although with an admitted bias for the Detroit Tigers). With their ability to persuade cowpokes on both sides of the fence to set aside their differences for a brief escape from day-to-day tribulations, is it any wonder that Riders have a virtual home called “Harmony Ranch?”

Ultimately, exceptional careers do not go unnoticed, and throughout theirs, Riders In The Sky have been honored regularly. In addition to being inducted into the Grand Ol’ Opry, Riders are in the Western Music Association’s Hall of Fame, the Country Music Foundation’s Walkway of Stars, and the Walk of Western Stars (in Newhall, CA near Melody Ranch Studios) along with Gene, Roy, John Wayne and other cowboy legends. No less important than their two Grammies, Riders have been the Western Music Associaton’s “Entertainers Of the Year” seven times, and won “Traditional Group of the Year” and “Traditional Album of the Year” multiple times. The Academy of Western Artists has named them “Western Music Group of the Year” twice in 5 years, and the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum has bestowed Riders with their Wrangler Award statuette three times. It comes as no surprise then that Billboard magazine’s Jim Bessman counts them as one of “the most historically significant acts in the history of American music.”

Yes, it would be “The Easy Way” to call it a career after 30-plus years, but it wouldn’t be…”The Cowboy Way!”  And so, the never-ending trail drive continues. The ponies are rested and watered, and America’s Favorite Cowboys are ready to saddle up and ride, bringing good beef to hungry people wherever they may be. Yes, Riders In The Sky are truly an exception to the rule.

…and don’t forget to join us at the potluck prior to the event!!! Wear Western Gear to be entered in a drawing for a  cool prize.  5:00 PM

What a great time we had with Riders in the SKY 

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The Seldovia Arts Council was proud to present the U.S. Airforce Band of the Pacific “Top Cover” August 11


About PACAF Band
Top Cover is the popular music ensemble of The Band of the Pacific. This high-energy group performs the full spectrum of popular music including classic rock ‘n roll, country, jazz fusion, and today’s top 40 hits. Formed in 1990, Top Cover has entertained audiences throughout Alaska, Hawaii, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Yukon and British Columbia.

Their exciting school presentation, “Say No To Drugs,” drives home this important message to our youth through music. Whether it’s enhancing Air Force recruiting, fostering community relations, or bringing a “touch of home” to service members at remote sites throughout the world, Top Cover moves audiences with the driving beat of the best popular music of today and yesterday.

The band includes drummer Mike Henrie, bass player Philip Runge, keyboardist Shane Spanier, guitarist Benny Pack, vocalists Amber Grimes and Justin Allen, and audio engineer Joshua Deal.

The sun was shining for the performance  which was held  the deck of  the Alaska Tribal Cash building at 5:00 PM.  It was  a  free concert.There was a get-together at Mike Webber’s at 9 pm (after the Science Lecture) to meet the artists.
A note and pictures  from Laurel Hilts, who chaired this event!

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I had the privilege of hosting the band “Top Cover” for the Seldovia Arts Council. We were blessed with a beautiful day and it was a fantastic concert!Sadie did a dynamite job setting up the sound.Katie O’Leary and Mary Montgomery were wonderful hands in the kitchen, prepping for our big chili feed.Calem Collier and Seth O’Leary helped a bunch by carrying chairs out on to the deck.The Carluccio’s and the Stranik’s donated the rooms for our guests.Felisha Rowland, Melanie Hoard, Katie O’Leary, Sunni Hilts, Tania Spurkland and Shirley Hughes prepared the delicious food for everyone.The Seldovia Village Tribe donated the deck and all the hot dogs, plus labor for the event.And the Air Force Band of the Pacific provided the wonderful entertainment! Find them on Facebook:

A special thanks to those who stuck around to help clean up!

Special Celebration July 27th


Thanks to all who made this celebration really special. Fritz would have smiled!!

Firday, July 27th the Seldovia Arts Council hosted a  Memorial Concert for Fritz Graese. Jackie and family were in town for it. Held on Dean Lent’s lawn, it was a perfect way to bring the community together to remember friendships.  Sue Biggs and Jack Wills  played a variety of music from classical pieces to show tunes. After the concert there was  a potluck fish fry at the tents by the harbor. Tobben Spurkland was the event co-ordinator. Thanks Tobben.

A jam session held after the Concert at Fenski’s  Coffee and Books was a sweet way to end the memorial. Thanks everyone.  Photos by Rebecca Lambourn

Jack Wills, Sue Biggs and a Company of Friends.

Muriel Anderson and Tierra Negra July 20 “New World Flamenco”


A bright, vivacious celebration of life through song… New World Flamenco is a guitar masterwork, the essence of what a collaboration should be, when two parts come to be greater than the whole.,, making what was credible alone, remarkable together. A truly wonderful listen from start to finish!” Jazz Review

Guitarist / harp-guitarist MURIEL ANDERSON is the first woman to have won the Natio­nal Fingerstyle Guitar Championship.  An engaging performer, her obvious joy of music and facility across musical genres is revered by guitarists and audiences worldwide.  She is host of the renowned ­Muriel Anderson’s All Star Guitar Night­® and is founder of the Music for Life Alliance charity. Her “Heartstrings” recording accompanied the astronauts on the space shuttle Discovery.

 Celebrating her depth as a guitarist, composer, and vocalist, Muriel Anderson has released 15 CDs, nine videos/DVDs published by Truefire, Mel Bay and Homespun, and guitar books published by Hal LeonardMel Bay, and Zen-On Japan. Her compositions include commissioned classical works for the Nashville Chamber Orchestra and Vox Caelestis Women’s Choir, as well as songs which have appeared as title tracks for three albums by various artists. Muriel Anderson is a member of the advisory board for Mel Bay Publications.

Muriel Anderson was a headlining act for Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival in 2002 and is looking forward to renewing old friendships and making new ones here in Seldovia.

Tierra Negra (Leo Henrichs and Raughi Ebert) is Germany’s leading guitar duo. They honed their highly-recognizable Rumba-Flamenco music in Camargue, a gypsy area in the south of France, creating a style with surprising depth, passion, and cultural uniqueness.  They have toured extensively and their music has been featured on countless international compilations and films.  Their new music together with Muriel Anderson’s Americana-Bluegrass influence has been coined “New World Flamenco.”

Muriel Anderson and Tierra Negra will have a public performance beginning at 7:30 in the school commons.  They will also be holding a guitar workshop for those interested in learning from master guitarists.

Performance Costs will be $15.00  for the evening  beginning at 8:00

Workshop will be at 7:00

This performance is partly sponsored by a grant from WESTAF TourWest  and a grant from Alaska State Council on the Arts.

What a wonderful event!!!! The show was delightful and the workshop inspiring!!! Thanks to all the volunteers who made this event go so smoothly.. Rebecca Lambourne coordinator:  Tobben and Tania Spurkland, Susan Mumma for housing and the Seldovia Arts Council Board,  members and volunteers who make it happen.. setting up the stage,   Sadi Synn on sound, potluck dinner contributions  and the hands that helped  with everything…    Local performance  photos  by Rebecca Lambourne and Darlene Crawford

Leo Henrichs, Muriel Anderson and Raughi Ebert. Thank you !  Special Thanks  to Susan B. English School for providing performance space.